School Management System

The nucleus of any school is the student. Optimal student outcome is the most critical goal. Our student management system brings in all stake holders together in one click.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts and passionate in what we do. We come with a balance of creativity, technology and most importantly common sense. We are the dedicated team who work as per the institution needs.

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School Management System Brochure & Demo

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Connectivity is important in today’s scenario. We always focus on strategies that deliver the maximum return on investment without losing sight on the most critical aspect of Education.

Improve Student Learning

Monitoring student progress across their entire learning is essential for quality education. Stwin Sparx helps schools to spot trends and changes as their students are growing using the inbuilt analytical capabilities.

Improve Teacher Productivity

When the quality of teaching improves, so does the standard of education. Teachers can use the system to plan and perform their activities effectively. Routine tasks can be easily done with a single click. Conducting examinations, assignments and corrections are much simpler.

Enhance Parent Engagement

Studies show that students perform well when parents are more involved in their education. Stwin Sparx keeps parent updated with student daily report, attendance, assignments and continuous assessment. Ability to collaborate with teachers and other stakeholders.

Help stakeholders plan

Increased productivity and effectiveness will invariably reduce financial costs. An easy workflow for making fee payments achieve predictable cash flow. Stakeholders can monitor overall progress of various activities. For example, it allows checking of how much of the syllabus has been covered so far and allocate more time for a subject.

A sample set of features

Each of feature that we put into the system is carefully crafted and meaningfully solves a problem or challenge. All features are highily customizable, adheres to hightest standards of usablity and provides the best possible user experience. Below is a sample list of some features.


Data comes in from many sources during the admission process. There is also lots of variance in the type of information required for enrolling a student across different institutions. We provide a balanced flexible online admission process.


Easy and more intitutive way of marking the attendance in just one simple click.

Remote Learning

Remote learning is another way of knowledge delivery which is becoming critical lately. Our video conferencing systems are fully integrated with the system so that the teacher or the student need not remember and track the sessions. Easy integration with many Video online Apps.


Managing examinations is a complex process. It is also an important exercise which assesses the student. Our system helps the teachers to manage their work in more efficient and easy way.


The submission of assignments is an ongoing process during the academic year. Our system makes it effortless for the teacher to administer assignments. Students can track and submit the assignments using the system. Teachers can include review the same online also.

Timetable Generator

How many of us know that generating an optimal timetable manually is very time consuming and difficult. Schools spend weeks of work to arrive at a time table schedule ahead of an academic year – accommodating new classes, a fresh set of record is again a tedious task, but we provide the facility to generate it more easily.


It is common for institutions to issue notices or announcements from time to time. Many announcements are targeted to specific set of users.

Fee Payment

Stwin Sparx has one of the most comprehensive fee payment solutions by all means. It allows institutions to build the fee structure and define various components associated with it. The collected fee can be routed to various separate modes and can be collected very easily without standing in a queue.

Video Lessons

Teaching which in the past, always took place in a classroom, has now started to move online. Online pre-recorded lessons are a very effective and popular form of lessons.

Report Cards

Delivering a consumable report card one of the key tasks in any educational institution. Report cards in our system are automatically generated after marks or grades are entered. Many complex rules might apply in the generation of the same we help and plan the report card as per the school requirement.


Messaging refers to two-way communication between users – similar to a typical email system. However, messaging in our system is fully integrated. A teacher can send a message to a specific class – referring to a specific assignment.

Event Calendar

The school activity calendar captures various events in the school. This not only includes academic calendar like timetable and examination but also other non-academic activities like sports day, cultural events etc.


Our software supports multiple languages so it will avoid the gap of communication between the Parents and the Teachers.

Key Features

Integrated Online Classes Tools

Finance Features


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