Food Ordering and Food Delivery System

Reinvent The Way Of Food Ordering & Delivery With Stwin Sparx

Launch Your Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace

Build your online food delivery business by leveraging our power-packed solution – Stwin Sparx. Manage the marketplace with a contemporary admin dashboard built to tackle the modern business demands. With robust designs and impeccable capabilities, Stwin Sparx will enable you to take the ‘next progressive step’ in your food journey. It’s your time to lead the market with faster, securer and high performing web & mobile apps that will help you serve your customers “on the one go”.

Phenomenal Features to Elevate Online Food Ordering & Delivery Performance

Track Delivery

Our multi-restaurant delivery software – Stwin Sparx equips the merchant with a variety of features that refine restaurant operations. mobile apps with real-time location tracking enable a merchant with instant notifications on orders picked-up/delivered. Tracking order delivery allows improved in-transit management.

Push Notification

Stwin Sparx powered online food ordering and delivery platform is enhanced with features like push notifications that augment customer service. The multi-restaurant delivery software supplements system responsiveness via alerts and notifications on the merchant’s app keeping them updated on latest orders coming to the restaurant.

Easy Restaurant Management

Restaurant management for the merchant made easy and secure with Stwin Sparx multi-restaurant delivery software. Single merchant account facilitating complete supervision with important features allowing systematic data segregation and restaurant-wise business execution.

Tracking Payments

Advanced features keeping track of pending payments and completed orders on the Stwin Sparx powered multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery platform help restaurateurs stay organized and efficient. Improved merchant responsiveness with easy track on incoming orders and payment information keeps them updated on their restaurant economics.

Comprehensive Daily Sales Updates

Restaurant owners enriched with daily sales data and monthly numbers on significant KPIs manage everyday business operations better. Descriptive analytics by Stwin Sparx online food delivery solution strengthens merchants with the power of informed decisions on comprehensive strategies for stronger futuristic planning.

Order Management

Order management feature allows restaurant owners easy hovering through multiple orders, checking order histories, completion status, and organizing the entire order processing. The Stwin Sparx multi-restaurant delivery software is the perfect solution to launch an efficient online food ordering and delivery platform with streamlined order management for the merchants.

Menu Management

Stwin Sparx multi-restaurant delivery software supplements a merchant’s online food channel with besuited menu management features for a superior customer experience. Allowing merchants with easy category-wise item listing as per their customer demands enhances the whole online food ordering experience on the platform.

Restaurant Listing (Based On Geolocation)

Stwin Sparx’s online food delivery solution helps build user journeys that augment the overall online food ordering experience. Geolocation based filtering for nearby restaurants as per consumer location facilitate prompt and quality services. Time saved allows more time for food selection and a better satisfaction quotient.

Multiple Payment Options

Secure and multiple payment methods integrated through the Stwin Sparx online food delivery solution ensures a seamless customer experience. Freedom of payment via most contemporary payment methods adds to the element of freedom while buyers order food online supplementing user journey on the platform.

Reviews And Ratings

Customers build trust in transparency. The Stwin Sparx online food delivery solution’s review and rating system integrated into the online platform allows first-hand customer feedback reach the restaurant directly. Instant replies to customer comments improves loyalty quotient, enriching customer experience.

Order Delivery Options

Our online food ordering solution provides multiple delivery options to choose from. Customers can now conveniently select a delivery time, opt for self pick-up, and request for contact-less delivery. Augment user experience with delivery options provided at check-out on the Stwin Sparx powered online food delivery platform.

Order Tracking

Stwin Sparx elevates food delivery with customer-centric mobile app features enabling order tracking. Alerts and notifications keep users engaged with constant updates on their order status as the food is delivered. An interactive app UI significantly augments the online food ordering and delivery process as a whole.

User Registration

Stwin Sparx helps you design exceptional user journeys, empowering restaurants, as well as their customers on the online food ordering portal with easy and quick registration. Existing social media and email enabled registration adds credibility to the online food ordering and delivery platform adding to user satisfaction.

Advanced Search

Stwin Sparx’s online food delivery solution offers advanced search features enabling quick item search for an express online ordering. Brief processes depict efficient design of the online user interfaces, menus, and customer journeys, enriching the experience while ordering food online.

Discounts & Offers

The Stwin Sparx online food delivery solution builds the online food ordering and delivery platform focused towards customer engagement. Discounts and offers enlisted attractively enable significant user involvement adding to the delight experienced while ordering food online.

Delivery Management

Stwin Sparx enhances delivery services on the online food ordering platform with a dedicated delivery app facilitating streamlined management. Sorted broadcast list and ability to complete chosen deliveries promotes streamlined last-mile order transition with an efficient resource utilization.

Secure Login

The Stwin Sparx multi-restaurant delivery software accomplishes privacy and security issues skillfully via secure staff log-ins. Managing profiles and controlling activities from within work accounts created on the platform allows clean work-flows accomplishing adept resource management .

Push Notifications

Delivery app enabled with push notifications allows drivers to stay notified on upcoming orders promoting efficient planning to meet deliveries in time. The Stwin Sparx online food delivery solution equips the delivery app with accomplished features to keep drivers up-to-date with new orders on the platform.

Manage Multiple Deliveries Using The App

A ready-made mobile app for delivery along with the Stwin Sparx powered online food ordering platform strengthens operations by facilitating delivery staff to address multiple orders. The app interface augments user experience to manage multiple activities in a streamlined and seamless manner.

Delivery Tracking

Mobile apps integrated with essential features like Google Maps for a streamlined food delivery process uplift business quality. Stwin Sparx enriches the apps with delivery tracking ability to allow order surveillance and troubleshoot driver issues to meet in-time.